This Privacy Charter explains how we use your personal information to offer our on-demand delivery and courier services.


This Charter applies to our API solution, website (, and to our mobile application software ("App"). However, you should also refer to the General Conditions of Use. If you are one of our Independent Couriers, you should in addition refer to the Special Conditions.


Capitalised terms used in this Charter have the meaning given to them in the GCU.


Primarily this Charter is relevant to our Members, who are either Users of our Services, or Independent Couriers, who help us provide our Services. However, it is also relevant to customers who receive Zeew deliveries, and to general visitors to our website.


No matter who you are, your privacy is important to us. We keep your information secure and manage it in accordance with our legal responsibilities.


By providing us with your personal information, you agree to it being used and disclosed in the manner set out in this Charter.


You do not have to provide your personal information to us, but without it there may be limits on the Services you can receive.


1. What personal information do we collect?


When you browse, we collect certain limited information (such as your browser type and IP address) automatically. We do this whether or not you are a Member. See below for more about why we collect this information, and about the cookies and analytics services which support our website and App.


The personal information we collect is set out in the table below. We have broken the information down into groups which tell you when the information is collected, and how long, in general, we keep it for. "Non-members" may be Senders or Recipients of deliveries whose details are entered on their behalf by a User.






Group 1: When you create an Account with us or when you opt to receive a delivery


What information?






Business address


Email address (By signing up for our service you agree we might send you promotional material or offers via Email)


Telephone number (By signing up for our service you agree we might send you promotional material or offers via SMS)


How long do we keep it?


Members: for 5 years from the date you last log-in to the App


Non-members: for 60 months


Group 2: When you use the App or when a delivery is in progress


What information?


IP address






Your delivery history


The history of the trips taken to make your deliveries


The delivery route taken by an Independent Courier


Incidents or complaints relating to a delivery


A description of the goods


How long do we keep it?


Members: for 60 months from the date you last log-in to the App


Non-members (where relevant): for 60 months


Group 3: When you are invoiced for, or pay for, Services


What information?




Payment details


Transaction history


How long do we keep it?


10 Years.


2. Why do we collect personal information?


The key purposes for collecting personal information are:


To manage your Account with us;


To make our Services available to you; and


To improve our Services, our App and our website.